What do we do?

Matt O'Bell Limited. is a consulting group with multiple years experience in delivering I.T and communication technology solutions across Africa. Our consultants have accumulated experience from Africa, North-America, Europe and Asia in a myriad of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, e-commerce/retail, technology, association/service, oil and gas.

Besides our ERP implementations, our industry engagements have made us transition into becoming a reference hub for deliveries of finance/accounting, point of sale, sales & marketing, customized web applications, customer relationship management, inventory management, e-commerce, and data migrations, just to mention a few.

We are an organization focused on delivering optimal service, having the client's best interest at heart, while drawing from the pool of resources available to us.

Training Courses

  • Functional Training

    We offer full time Odoo functional training courses. Go from zero to hero with our team of certified instructors guiding you every step of the way.

  • Technical Training

    Customizing Odoo has never been easier. With detailed videos and in-person instruction, we can help you navigate Odoo's back-end with ease.

  • Modular Training

    Need to quickly bridge a gap in your business? We offer module specific training courses to help you scale your business needs.